Main Floor Furniture Design and Procurement
This very stylish and sophisticated couple hired our team to re-design their living room, dining room, entrance and hallway. Starting with the architectural elements, we designed a gorgeous custom marble fireplace mantle in order to create a focal point in the living room. A mirror was installed above the mantle to enlarge the space and reflect the stunning U-shaped pendant light.

Our clients wanted to be able to have their entire family over so ample seating was a must and they loved the look of two curved sofas. The room needed to be comfortable and livable but still had to look amazing as they already had a den on a lower level with a more relaxed vibe.

Working with a smaller sized dining room meant we had to get creative with how to make the space functional for large gatherings. We wanted to ensure that even though the dining table filled the room, making drinks was still possible from a nearby location. We did this by placing a large sideboard in the living room which is just in front of the dining room. This way entertaining can take place in either space. Above the sideboard, our clients placed an Art TV so that they could still use the area to relax and unwind, watch the news or a game of sports, but turn it back to an Art image when not in use.

Our influences for this design stemmed from a mix of French, Italian and Scandinavian influences such as the great Joseph Dirand to name just one (French architect and interior designer). Our clients wanted a touch of their fun, carefree personality to shine through in the space as well which was achieved by the adorable bunnies painting in the living room as well as the glamourous Marilyn Monroe print in a sort of subdued pop art style outside of the dining area.

Our team custom designed and produced the sofas, coffee table, small credenza, mirror and bench in the entrance, and imported other items through our online store Kelli.shop as well as other local retailers.