Cozy Chic Family Room
Family Room Design & Procurement
Designed with both comfort and style in mind, this luxury space is not your average family room. Each piece was carefully selected to fulfill the clients need to have a cozy and chic space to unwind and entertain family members of all ages.

The sofa is a down filled haven of comfort, while the Italian made leather ottoman features a removable metal tray, perfect for storing extra blankets or children’s toys. In the corner we placed an extra wide lounge chair covered in a dark brown super soft fabric. The placement of the chair creates the ideal situation for having a relaxed conversation or curling up with your pooch and a good book.

We then designed the floating TV console in a two-tone color to add warmth, yet still keep it light and airy. Finally, we added a sofa table with storage shelves behind the sofa in order to provide our client with additional much needed storage for her vases, books and magazines, while also being useful as a table to keep drinks or snacks on.