KRD Studio
Kelli's Design Studio
This is where the magic happens! The office space was designed to encourage teamwork by placing all the computers in a straight line in order to facilitate collaboration while we work on various aspects of a project together. In keeping with the KRD design style and minimalist point of view, we suspended the 15’ long desk and drawers along the wall. Each person has a 5’ wide desk area with 2 built in drawers to keep paperwork, pens, etc.

On the back wall we designed built in filing and touch latch cupboards to house all of our samples, catalogues and files in a matt white lacquered finish and continued the dark wood of the desk in the corner by adding open shelves which hide the large printer and provide additional storage.

The dining/meeting area is where we have presentations, meet with clients and suppliers, and sometimes eat lunch together. It was designed with comfort, luxury and style in mind.