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We understand that every design firm has their own way of running a project from start to finish. At KRD, we have honed down our process’ and systems so that we run every project the same way, eliminating much of the chaos that is a reality in the construction and interior design business. Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from prospective clients about the way we work. We thought we would answer them here to give you a head start in understanding who we are, even before we jump on a call together.

  1. Will you go shopping with me and help me select things?

    No. This is not a part of our process.

    In order to achieve the high level of quality and design you see in our project photos; we need to have control over the process from start to finish. We design each space as a whole, taking into account our initial discovery meeting with you as well as discussions over the mood boards we will provide in order to really try and narrow down your vision for the space.

    Once we understand your goals, budget, likes and dislikes, our design team will get to work on curating finishes and fixtures which work together and then we present it to you as a complete design. We usually show a couple of different options from you to choose from, however, we like to limit the selections because changing one element can create a domino effect where everything else needs to change as well in order to work together. Rest assured that what we present to you has been thoroughly thought through and agonized over before you ever see it.

    We will however bring you to showrooms after we have presented items to you if possible, in order to “sit and feel” large investment furniture pieces and/or lighting.


  2. Can you work with my contractor?

    Sure. While we do prefer to work with our own team since we understand each other and the process goes smoothly, if you have a contractor you want to work with we are open to working with them provided they are licensed and insured.


  3. I have already purchased a lot of my furniture and just need some help pulling it all together with accessories, art, etc. Can you help with that?

    It depends. While styling alone is not part of the services we offer, if you have at least one full room that you need us to furnish, at that point we would be open to helping you complete the other rooms as a part of our overall project scope.


  4. I have a lot of connections and can get contractor pricing on finishes and fixtures. If I work with you, can I buy everything from my own sources?

    We understand that everyone wants to get the best pricing possible and if you have a special connection with a local supplier that you would like us to purchase from, we are open to that, however, we always control the process and charge a management fee on top of whatever price you get in order for us to manage the order, delivery and installation. In our experience, if we do not manage this process the end result never turns out how we had envisioned it.


  5. How do I know if you are the right design firm for me?

    We understand that we are not the right firm for everyone, and that’s ok! Everyone has their own vibe.

    Generally, our clients are busy professionals who love a modern, minimal design esthetic and who value a turn-key service so that the process of renovating or decorating their home is as stress free as possible.

    Our team works very hard on managing every detail of a project from the discovery phase to the designs and all the way through to the procurement and project management.

    We are extremely detailed, clear and honest in our communications, transparent in our pricing and we strive for extraordinary designs. We never repeat designs we have done before since we want to ensure that every client has unique, quality pieces in their space that are either imported or custom made by local craftsmen and artisans. In short, we want you to feel special.

    If that sounds like your vibe, we cannot wait to speak with you about your project!


  6. What does your project process look like?

    To learn more about how a project typically unfolds, please read How We Work.